How to decrease the risks of surgery?

When you are in dire need of taking the mini gastric bypass Dubai due to the condition of your health then you have to do some work in order to reduce the risks associated with this surgery and many people will get a lot of problems while they try to have that surgery. In order to receive the surgery of gastric balloon Dubai without any problem you need to practice following:

First thing is that you have to decrease your BMI which is only possible when you try to lose some weight. Some people will think that if they have to reduce their BMI then without surgery then what is the point of getting that surgery but they did not realize that it is much better than taking a surgery that you reduce your weight and lower down your BMI. When you have a greater BMI then you can only reduce that to a little and if still it is about 40 then you have to go through the surgery to reduce weight.

You have to start doing exercise because the biggest reason of gaining weight is that people are not moving now. They sit to do their work and then they eat and sit again, there is no body movement or physical exertion in their life and it will eventually lead them to gain weight and then they have to get the surgery done. You have to start moving and doing some exercise even though it will be difficult for you when you have too much weight but you have to start slowly and in the start just try to walk and do some light exercise that you can do easily and with time you will be able to work harder than that.

If you are in need of taking the surgery for losing eight then you have to stop smoking as it will be a great hindrance in the success of your surgery. Some people will not realize about it and continue smoking as always and then they will have to go through a lot of complications through their surgery. You need to be vigilant and take care of your body because when you go through the pain then no one will be there to bear that on your behalf, you have to go through that pain alone.