Setting up your own cocktail bar

Many people in the hospitality industry aspire to manage a cocktail bar in a prestigious location. Cocktail bars have several advantages over other types of establishments like a fine dining Indian restaurant in Dubai. At the high-end of the market people are willing to pay more for a premium experience which means that a successful cocktail bar is more profitable than other establishments.

Creating a premium experience comes with its own challenges. Service in premium environments is more difficult as product offerings tend to be more bespoke, which require deeper product knowledge and demand a high degree of professionalism from staff. Also, the costs of offering a high-end product tend to be higher, hence planning becomes critically important.


When planning your cocktail bar define and understand your target market. This will not only focus your efforts, but will also help you avoid the common mistake of investing far too much in a product that doesn’t sell. We have all seen the huge number of bottles on display behind the bar but do you ever wonder how many of those are actually of interest to your target market?


Here again, think carefully about your target market and which drinks are likely to interest them when coming up with a cocktail menu. Resist the temptation to list too many items as they would overwhelm customers, and this also require staff to have greater product knowledge and additional training.


Service is a part of branding. Unprofessional or discourteous staff negatively impact on your brand, particularly in an industry that relies on word of mouth. Make sure that your customers give you good reviews through hiring the right people on board. Some of the things like professionalism, a positive attitude, and the ability to work in a team are the most important aspects to consider.


Properly stocking a cocktail bar isn’t just about drinks, it’s also about bar supplies and furniture. You will need to have a sufficient number of glasses to make service flow properly depending on the size of the venue, your equipment, and your staff. You shouldn’t overbuy, but you need to have a backup percentage.

Opening the best cocktail bar in Dubai can be rewarding both professionally and financially. Hopefully some of these tips will help you along the way to setting up a fully functioning cocktail bar that attracts customers!