Questions to Ask a Legal Translator

Hiring is a good phase for anyone. Since there is so much unemployment and there are some real gems in the list that we sometimes un-see. There are so many people who cannot say no to people, since there are some vacancies and there are a lot of candidates, it takes a huge heart for a person to keep saying no and see dismay and disappointed on people’s face. But what is need to be done has to be done! And if you need to find get some documents to be translated then you will need to best services of legal translation in Dubai.

You can also find technical translation service as well. You will find so many legal translators in the market and online who are working as freelancers. But finding the one who not only knows how to translate a document but understands the purpose of the document and then translate it is vital. Here is why, we have come up with some questions that you need to ask from a translator.

How much time will take for you to translate a document of 1000 words?

The maximum time a good translator will require is at least one day. Because he or she will be working on different projects and they will take out some time for you your task.

Are you native speakers?

If a person who claims to be a translator; either they are native speakers or they are learnt a language. But remember, that it is not for sure that a native speaker can be a good translator.

From which institute have you learned this language?

Like we have said before that there are some people who learn a language – you can ask them the institute from where they have learned.

How will you handle confidential documents?

There are different ways or you can say policies of legal translation firms that make sure that your documents are safe. They must have a locker for keeping your documents safe.

Do you have a specialized area?

There are so many legal translators who have a specific area of specialty – some only translate legal documents, some do marketing translation and some do technical translation. You can find translators who translate movies and shows as well.