Equipment required for a recording studio

There are of course a huge variety of the equipment that is used in a recording studio. But, this article will discuss the three most important as well as basic equipment which are required for Dubai recording studio.

Computer: A computer is actually the fundamental as well as significant equipment found in a recording studio. If someone has got a computer then it is great as we would recommend you to use that computer for some time because purchasing a computer would be extremely costly and it might disturb your budget.

But, if you want to purchase a computer then you should try to buy mac. These computers are comparatively expensive but they will accord o suit with all the other equipment present in the recording studio as well as the software used for recording.

You should search various common models of the mac computer and choose the one that you like.

Headphones: You will find two kinds of headphones – one which is closed from the back and the other one which is open from the back. The first kind is utilized in the recording’s tracking and the latter is utilized in mixing.

Headphones closed from the back are requirement for a recording studio whereas headphones open from the back can be included in a recording studio. Make sure that you use headphones of very good quality.

Microphones: A wide variety of microphones is available now a days and therefore, you should select a microphone according to the things you will be recording.

If you have a recording studio at your home then you can use a single microphone. You could go for USB, Ribbon, Condenser, etc. If the main focus of your recording is vocals, try to go for condensers. But, if your main focus is vocals as well as equipment, then you should go for dynamics.

Along with a microphone, you will have to buy a stand for the microphone and also a pop filter. The stand for the microphone enhances the recording studio and try to buy a stand for microphone which is flexible. Pop filter is used to make the quality of sound better and it even keeps the microphone safe and protected.

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