According to the best digital marketing companies in UAE, you don’t need an office to start a business and make money, all you need to have is a good Facebook business page. Almost all the people in the world would want to see a Facebook page link on the website and on the business cards. This is because just like Google, you can find all sorts of businesses on Facebook. We have seen people making thousands of dollars each month just by selling their products and services via their Facebook page. It takes a lot of days and effort to build a trust among the Facebook buyers or you can say marketplace.

Such companies make sure that they do the best kind of Facebook marketing in Dubai. There are two types of Facebook marketing, the one that is paid; here, you pay to Facebook and Facebook will populate your business and you will surely get likes and engagements. And the second way is to do SEO of the Facebook page. SEO stands of search engine optimization. It is a tool or you can say a way to boost your Facebook page. If you have small investment for a business startup then we suggest that you know all about how to do SEO for Facebook page.

The first thing that you have to do is reply fast. There are so many pages that give a huge turn off when they don’t reply right away to the customer. If you are not available at all the times, then it is suggested that you enable the chatbots. So, that the customer gets a sense that he or she will have a response sooner or later. The second thing you can do is keep your audience engaged like you ask questions, you can upload videos, you can conduct interviews with different celebs, you can create a group and allow the people to upload whatever they want to.

The next thing you have to do is keep an eye on the peak hours. Like, if the people in your town get home by 6pm, then it means that they will be scrolling for stuff by 7pm or 8pm, make sure that you upload the content at the right time. The next thing that you have to do is insert trending hashtags in the post.

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